Parish Council

The Parish Council meets the first Monday of the month from September through July (consult current bulletin for changes). All parish members are welcome to attend.

Click here for the Parish Council meeting minutes.

St. Kenneth Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) Operating Procedures


  • Excluding St. Kenneth clergy, 14 members, each serve a 3 year term with staggered starting years
  • Registered members of St. Kenneth at least 16 years of age and have received sacrament of Confirmation
  • Annual selection is from drawing of parish nominated candidates conducted on Pentecost, or as near to Pentecost as feasible
  • Members unable to complete the 3 year term will be replaced from the Alternates selected during the annual selection process
  • Members not related to Staff unless declared & approved by PPC prior to selection
  • Members not from the same household
  • No more than 5 consecutive years on the PPC without a 1 year break
  • Member loses their seat by resignation in writing, withdrawing from parish membership, ecclesiastical censure or penalty, pastor may remove a member, after consulting with the Regional Moderator
  • Attendance at a meeting of more than one half of membership constitutes a quorum
  • Members assigned to other commissions

Core Parish Pastoral Council Responsibilities:

  • Promote the St Kenneth Mission, Vision and Value Statements
  • Consultant to the Pastor/Administrator
  • Interact with the parish Finance Council/Commissions/Committees
  • Develop, monitor and evaluate long range pastoral plans for matters pertaining to parish pastoral needs
  • Support St Kenneth’s welcoming and hospitality efforts by hosting/assisting at various venues of community celebrations
  • PPC officers (Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary) to be chosen annually at the first meeting of the new member class by consensus
  • Members to attend scheduled PPC meetings – monthly except for July & August (missing 3 regularly scheduled meetings during one year would initiate a discussion with the PPC chair regarding ability to fulfill responsibilities)
  • Normal PC meetings are open to parish members
  • Current PPC minutes to be posted on the St. Kenneth website; previous PPC minutes to be available upon request
  • Annual review of the Parish Pastoral Council Operating Procedures

    Items not specifically covered above should refer to the Parish, Vicariate and Archdiocesan Councils Handbook dated June 2011.

St. Kenneth Parish Council


Andy Wasiniak

Judy Torosian

Sarah Fish

Council Members
Fr. Tom Belczak (734) 420-0288
Art Belloli (
John Dankert (
Peggy Darrah (
Deacon Denny DeVooght (
Jeff Kessen (
Bob (Maz) Mazarowski (
Brad Neilson (
Rich Noelke (
Maureen O'Brien (
Tom Okress
Kim Rize (
Ray Smock (

Christian Service Commission

The Christian Service Commission enables the entire Parish community to put its "heart" and the social teaching of the Church into action. The Commission empowers the members of the Parish to fulfill the Church's mission of love, justice, freedom and peace by communally responding to human needs.

The Commission creates and/or promotes, at the Parish level, justice whether locally or in the broader communities of the Vicariate, Archdiocese, state, nation and world.

Some of the responsibilities of the Christian Service Commission include:

  1. Parish food collections
  2. Hospitality with the parish
  3. Support of outside charities
  4. St. Vincent DePaul clothing collection

The six standing committees of the Christian Service Commission are:

  1. Disability Concerns
  2. St. Vincent de Paul
  3. Legislative
  4. Pro-Life
  5. Parish Nurses

Contact: Gayle & Jim Snider - Church Office

Education Commission

The Education Commission focuses on the religious education needs of the entire parish-children, youth and adult. It sets goals, creates programs and sponsors activities designed to provide opportunity for ongoing Christian formation. Some of the programming includes:

Rainbow Sunday: Children's Liturgy of the Word is offered Sundays during the 9:00AM & 11:00AM Mass from September thru May. Children from ages 3 through grade 4 assemble together to listen to the Word of God and explore its meaning on their age levels.
Contact: 734-420-3031

Christian Formation Program: Formal catechesis offered to children grades 1-5, scheduled weekly during the school year.
Contact: 734-420-3031

LOGOS: Religious Education, grades 6-8. Includes: meal, catechesis, prayer and worship, community life and service.
Contact: Joanna Vaghy 734-927-1253

Youth Ministry: Activities directed to meet the needs of junior high and high school age. Collaborates with neighboring parishes.
Contact: Joanna Vaghy 734-927-1253

Vacation Bible School: Summer week-long program for children.
Contact: 734-420-3031

Family Religious Formation: Alternative program for families involving home study with regular meetings at the parish.
Contact: 734-420-3031

Stewardship Commission

Stewardship is nothing less than a complete lifestyle, a total accountability and responsibility before God. Stewardship is what we do after we say we believe, that is, after we give our love, loyalty and trust to God, from whom each and every aspect of our lives comes as a gift. The Stewardship Commission works towards the education of and calls parishioners to look into their lives and hearts and evaluate where and how they spend their time, talent and treasure.

The following Committess fall under the Stewardship Commission

  1. Communication
  2. Building Maintenance
  3. Grounds Keeping
  4. Community Building Events/Opportunities
  5. Utilization of Resources
  6. Budget/Finances

The following Activities fall under the Stewardship Commission

  1. CSA Pledge Drive
  2. Time and Talent Survey
  3. Upkeep of Building and Grounds
  4. Parish Picnic
  5. Pancake Breakfast
  6. Fish Fry
  7. Coffee and Donuts
  8. Estate Planning Seminars
  9. Funeral Luncheons
  10. Welcoming Committee

Worship Commission

Chairperson: Amy Sauve

The Worship Commission works to promote and strengthen the Liturgical and prayer life of the community. Serving the Parish in the areas of liturgy and ecumenism, the Worship commission also promotes and provides for programs of education, planning and evaluation. It is also involved with liturgical celebrations, is the liaison for relations with other Christian and non-Christian churches and religious bodies.